Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Geek Dad

I just found a very cool infographic, so I 1) tweeted it, and 2) sent it to my kids. Here is the link in question:

Any time I run across science-made-understandable, or cool-Earth-facts, or science-made-entertaining, I like to share it and send it on. What I am beginning to understand is the importance that I attach to my kids also being touched by this bug. Because these things release happy brain chemicals for me, I assume that they might for others and should for my children. As a result, I am in a constant dad-struggle of trying to pique their interest and fire their imagination with lots of ideas and recommendations, but without being overbearing.


Because I believe people should never stop learning. Because I believe that knowledge should be shared. Because I believe that we must constantly strive to accept and understand and challenge ourselves. Because, most of all, I want my kids to believe this as well.

We'll see how it works with ZoƩ and Louis. There are promising signs; they both devour good YA SF literature, and Louis decided on Monday that he was going to learn to start programming in QBASIC. They both ask a lot of questions, and they don't let me get away with half-answers.

On the other hand, they often roll their eyes when I do things like send them cool infographics about the topology of the Earth.

The good fight goes on...