Thursday, May 13, 2004

Phun with Photoshop!

Here is a site that is doing some fairly wild combinations of photographs. While the fusing of the lighthouse/Dalek is entertaining, the ones with the people and animal faces are downright scary.

HumanDescent -> Gallery

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Shakespeare simplified

For those of us who are either short on grey matter or short of time, the following three sites provide brief, simple versions of three of Shakespeare's works. Please note that, in order to appeal to modern audiences, there are numerous occurrences of strong language.

the plain jane - romeo and juliet scene one

Skinhead Hamlet

Heaneyland!: Pericles, Prince of Tired Plots

This makes me want to do a California version of Macbeth:

Act I Scene III

Thunder. Enter the THREE WITCHES

Three Witches: We have been, like, such bad grrlz today!!

Banquo: Dude, check out the babes.

Macbeth: Three babes!

Banquo: Duuuuude.

Three Witches: Dude, Macbeth! Thane-dude and kingmeister!

Macbeth: Excuse me?

(WITCHES vanish)

Banquo: Seriously strange babes.

Macbeth: Where are the babes?

Banquo: What's a kingmeister?

Macbeth: Whacked out strange babe shit.

Enter ROSS and Angus

Ross: Macbeth dude, the king is seriously jamming on you.

Angus: Word, dude. You're, like, the Cawdor thane-dude.

Banquo: As if!

Macbeth: (Aside) Cawdor thane-dude! Duuuuuude! Tattoo me kingmeister!

Banquo: Dude? Dude?