Thursday, April 29, 2004

The end may indeed be nigh!

And here is a site that lists all of the possible ways in which the apocalypse may come to visit us. From a massive tidal wave that will wipe out the Eastern seaboard of the US (a geological inevitability, given the volcano involved) to the unstoppable propogation of strange matter, here is everything you always wanted to know about the End of It All.


Hey, if Fukuyama is right and history has ended, why not all life as we know it?

In addition to the accurate and realistic scientific scenarios (greenhouse, ice age, meteor, ...), there are some excellent commentaries as well about the lack of plausibility of certain bad sci-fi movie scenarios (i.e. if "Indepedence Day"-like aliens exist, and they are smart enough to travel across the universe, they are probably smart enough to figure out less costly ways to acquire raw materials).

One last useful link--here is information on how to stock your larder in the event of the four horsemen visiting a neighborhood near you:

The Survival Center