Thursday, July 21, 2005

I can't say where this came from, because I wasn't supposed to see the document, but it could have been pretty much any fantasy oty/game/book/cover blurb/PR release/etc. done for the last 30 years:

"For centuries the legions of darkness have gathered their forces..."

Those old legions of darkness keep popping up everywhere, don't they? And they all seem to have read the same business strategy guide:

1. Bide time
2. Marshal forces
3. Wait until moment ripe
4. Unleash hordes
5. Get butt kicked by pimply kid

What about quality circles? Continuous improvement? Customer intimacy? Nimble management? The legions of darkness need better consultants.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

1. John Dvorak, a columnist for PC Mag, wrote an editorial bashing the CC. The forum threads that follow give an interesting views of the plusses/minuses of current copyright law, fair use, etc. Of course there are a few idiots and trolls posting, and 70 pages of stuff, but some of it is interesting.,1895,1838244,00.asp

2. This is a must-try giggle-machine: The Evil Clown Generator

2. If any of you guys use RSS feeds, this site is full of info on the publishing industry. A lot of it is PR, but some is useful.

3. Download one guy's very funny and very short idea of how the original Star Wars movie should have ended.